Château de conflans

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Ground Floor - Entrance to Grand Room or to Hexagonal Tower directly from Courtyard. Once inside, 4 doors lead off the landing: one into « breakfast room » next to kitchen, the next into one side of the kitchen, the 3rd door into the other side of the kitchen. The 2 sides of the kitchen are separated by a large archway and fireplace and the door into the corridor that leads to the toilets. Kitchen, Monte Plats – allows you to prepare food in the kitchen and then send it up to the dining room using this « lift », Breakfast Room next to the kitchen. (Note: in the Kitchen all the cement rendering has been removed in preparation to replace it with Lime Mortar).

1st Floor: (1) Walk up the stairs and into the Great Hall (2). (3) On the right is the chapel. (4) From there, go up a couple of steps into the Guard Tower. (The 1st floor Guard Tower room is connected to the top of the Guard Tower by a small stairwell). (5) On the left of the Great Hall is the Dining Room. (6)The Door from the dining room leads into the hexagonal tower. (7) From the landing, the 1st door leads into a bedroom. (8) The second door leads into the 1st floor living room/bedroom/bathroom suite.

2nd Floor: (1) Starting from the Hexagonal Tower landing: Go up to the 2nd floor using the stone spiral staircase: (2) Once on the landing, to your left is the 2nd floor living room/bedroom/bathroom suite. The bathroom is in the Gate Tower. It is connected to the Guard Tower by the Guard Walk. (Note: This suite was being prepared for the next stage of renovation. As such, all cement was stripped from the wall, all wooden beams or ceiling elements that needed replacement replaced. The bathroom units have been removed and the wall between the bedroom and bathroom also. The intent was to make the bathroom larger, add a new cement floor with under-floor heating system in the bathroom and bedroom). (3) Next to this suite, there is a bedroom. (Note : On the walls you can see traces of the water infiltration that was taking place before the new roofing was done. Since the new roofs are in place, no more water is getting in.) (4) Next to this bedroom is a bathroom. (5) & (6) Next to the bathroom on the right is another room. This then leads into the large Attic Room. The large Attic Room can also be accessed from the little corridor in front. New chimney flue that we added, view into Inner Courtyard, view to outside towards river, Door leading from attic room to the large room next door which currently has all the pipes, etc. for a bathroom. Both of these rooms have had all cement rendering removed and replaced with Lime Mortar. Any wood that needed replacing in the roof was replaced or re-enforced. (7) Large Bathroom between the Attic Room and the Guard Tower Bedroom. If you want to position yourself vs the 1st floor – this room is over the Chapel. (Again, any wood that needed replacing in the rafterts, etc. was replaced.) (8) From this room you then go into the Guard Tower Bedroom. (In the photograph, you can see where we have been removing the cement). (9) 2nd Floor entrance to small stairwell that runs up from the 1st Floor all the way to the top of the Guard Tower. View of the other side of the room (Inner Courtyard side) with the door leading out onto the Guard Walk that runs along the top of the outer walls. The Guard Walk connects the Guard Tower Bedroom to the Bathroom in the Gate Tower. Here are a couple of photographs that show the guard walk and the inner courtyard viewed from this angle:

3rd Floor: Guard Tower Stairwell and Guard Tower Attic Terrace Room. (Note: This room is not drawn on the plans). Hexagonal Tower: (1) Stairs from 2nd to 3 floor and onto landing, 4 « doors » lead off the landing. (2) - the first leads into the « combles » which is an under-roof space. (3) - the second into another large room. (4) - the third leads out onto another Attic Terrace Room under the new roof . (5)- the forth gives access to a small stone staircase that goes up to the top of the hexagonal tower.

4th Floor and Top of Hexagonal Tower: (5)- the forth gives access to a small stone staircase that goes up to a little hexagonal sun room (6). A wooden staircase then takes you up and out onto the top terrace attic room at the top of the hexagonal tower (7).